Yoni Eggs

What Is a Yoni Egg?
Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina, a seed, a grain, female organs of generation. YONI EGGS are carved crystals shaped into eggs.
Yoni Eggs are tools utilized to raise one’s awareness spiritually, emotionally, physically and sensually. For years throughout ancient times these tools were reserved for the royalty. Seeds and grains are generated through the yoni. Creating and giving life from the yoni/womb is what makes the yoni sacred.. Through the passage of the womb we own the power to create and birth all manifestations emotionally and spiritually w/ our thoughts alone. What will we bring to life?
Yoni Eggs are also very popular for Kegel exercises, which tightens the pelvic floor muscles, awakens muscles amplifying better orgasms, a tighter toned vagina and awakening of one’s sexuality. More benefits of the YONI Egg include aiding in fertility, decreased menstrual cycle, increased vaginal lubrication, controlled vaginal muscle manipulation, increases hormone as well as regulating hormonal balance