The 10 Day Jumpstart Cellular Repair (Colon/Parasite Cleanse)


The colon plays a major role in the work of our digestive system, as well as our mental health. The colon contributes to the storage/controlled evacuation of fecal material, and digestion/absorption of undigested food. It is vital to remove the waste and bacteria from the colon for preventive health and wellness. An unhealthy colon can create as much as 30 pound of toxic waste sitting in the colon. Bacteria and waste caused by foods breeds intestinal parasites which invites dis-ease and illness. Our 10 Day Cleanse is to be taken twice daily for 10days. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and refrain from processed unhealthy foods
Benefits of the colon/parasite cleanse:

Kick start weight loss
Increases Fertility
Increases Energy
Improves Mental Health/Mental Clarity
Improves Digestion
Prevents colon cancer
Reduces unhealthy cravings
Stronger immune system
Respiratory Health

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